Ssb ppdt sample pictures pdf download

ssb ppdt sample pictures pdf download

ssb ppdt sample pictures pdf download

 · 70 images for TAT and PPDT at SSB. SSBPrep. April 17, 2020 0 Comments . Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) conducted at the Services Selection Board is one of the main tests that is conducted for selecting the officers of the armed forces of the country. In this test a person is shown a set of 12 slides, and is given 4 minutes to write a story on the same. 11 such slides will have the images ...

 · PPDT and TAT are two different tests where candidates need to write a story based on the picture shown to them.PPDT pictures are sometimes hazy and it has only one picture, PPDT picture story need action and identification of number of characters, their mood and age. In case of TAT, which has around 11 picture including on blank picture, candidates are required to write the story only.

Note:- Before starting to write the main story, you have to note the below points, 1) Mention, Age, Sex, Character, Mood(Positive, Negative or Neutral) 2) Write the action of the story. PPDT Sample Answer Sheet:Given Picture. Space to describe The mood of the Characters as positive, Negative or neutral. Space to write the action of the story

Original PPDT Pictures from Services selection board. Author - SSBInsights Team. Date - 19 Oct 2017. Category - insights. Picture 1- board Allahabad and Bangalore. There were total 3 characters in which one is a male doctor and other two are ladies in saree. Ladies were discussing something with a doctor. The scene is of hospital and doctor is in his outfit with a stethoscope. (I have got this ...

 · Candidates who are going to attend the SSB interview for Army, Airforce and Navy can download the SSB preparation material books and ebooks in PDF format from the links given below. SSB preparation material consist of WAT, TAT, SRT, SD, PPDT, GTO and Personal interview books and ebooks. These SSB interview books and ebooks would help you to clear the SSB Interview. There are …

PPDT known as Picture Perception and Discussion Test ... Download SSB OIR Test Sample Questions. 14-09-2018 04:40:57. MNS 2020 Exam Sample Paper. 20-04-2020 01:50:43. Military Nursing Service (MNS) 2020 Exam Pattern and Syllabus. 30-01-2020 10:04:44. 20 Most Important GD Topics For Indian Air Force X-Y. 25-10-2019 11:09:08 . Airforce X-Group Question Sample Paper. 23-04-2020 …

Guys this PPDT image is sent to me by one of my Friend Shailedra Rajput, he was following me since one month and was preparing for his SSB Interivew . He writes really well and i appreciate his work. I have uploaded a series of PPDT sample Images with Story for Practice you can refer to my previous stories for better i am uploading three images which are mostly asked in PPDT ...

 · TAT which is also known as Thematic Apperception Test of SSB is projective psychological test which has set of pictures shown to you one by one and expected from you to write a story based on your thinking after watching each individual picture. To know more about TAT read: Thematic Apperception Test of SSB ; How to write story in PPDT and TAT

Here I attach the sample pictures of ppdt and TAT. Hints for the analysing the the following picture.

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